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Treat2Train specializes in positive reinforcement dog training

Hello! My name is Szashe Mashburn and I'm the founder of Treat2Train. I was a fashion designer for 10 years, until my love for dogs took over as my life's passion. After the Pasadena Humane Society awarded me Volunteer of the Year in Behavior Modification, I decided to go to Animal Behavior College and became a Certified Dog Trainer in 2010.


Since then, I've trained thousands of dogs in good behavior, therapy, service, and tons of adorable tricks! Within a year at a major pet store chain, I became head trainer for my district of 14 stores, responsible for training and certifying all new dog trainers.


Now I work only for myself and my students, on a personalized basis. My philosophy is that dogs learn best from positive reinforcement and good communication. My goal is to make the art of dog-training fun, safe, and rewarding for you and your dog!

Szashe Mashburn
Certified Dog Trainer
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