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"Szashe Rowland has been training my Labrador since she was 5 months old. What my dog has achieved in the past 4 1/2 years has far exceeded my expectations. She follows over 40 commands and performs fun tricks like putting her toys away, "peek-a-boo," and wave her paw "bye- bye." She is a Canine Good Citizen and at age 2, became a certified therapy dog. Words can not express my gratitude to Szashe for my dog's accomplishments. Her skills, ability to understand individual dogs, patience, and love for animals makes her the best trainer ever."



"Szashe Rowland is the dog trainer you want! We challenged Szashe to help us train our half-St. Bernard, half-Newfoundland pup. She responded with solid training for our dog, and improved handling techniques for us. She even adjusted her training for my arthritic hands and accommodated our personal preferences. We were able to build a positive relationship with our dog, solve problems as they emerged, and enjoy the experience at the same time. We recommend Szashe for effective dog and people training without reservation."

"Without any hesitation, I would recommend Szashe Rowland for obedience lessons and training.  Since we have been training with Szashe we have noticed a real improvement in our dog, a 3 year old Schnoodle.  Things like walking him and introducing him to people have become bearable. Our dog is now social with other animals and we can look forward to walks and visits to the dog park. Prior to training, the dog park was not an option.  We are very thankful to Szashe for her expertise and patience. Our dog is much happier, and we are much happier pet parents."


"I have since worked with Szashe continuously for quite some time, and I could not be more pleased with the results. Both my Dobermans earned their CGC certification this past year. My dogs are exceptionally well behaved and this is a sentiment that is shared by envious dog owners everywhere I go.  At our every interaction Szashe is careful to observe the behavior of the dogs by pointing out anything that seems out of the ordinary.  She has been correct about allergies, illnesses, and discomforts my dogs were experiencing.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the training and therefore I recommend Szashe Rowland, without reserve."

"Through a friend’s recommendation, we started training our Miniature Schnauzer, in 2013 with Szashe.  Szashe is attentive and interacts with each dog and their pet parent. Through Szashe's training and guidance, our dog obtained her AKC’s CGC certificate.

Her experience, and dedication show through with her interaction and handling of each student. Her reward-based training is strict without being harsh, and the curriculum of each class challenges the students.  Her volunteer work is a great asset for the community."

"We adopted a Miniature Schnauzer puppy in 2012.  We signed up for a basic obedience class with Szashe, and we saw our puppy blossom into the most perfect dog of our dreams.  Szashe's training techniques are so easy to understand for both the dog and owner. In less than 1 year, Ms. Szashe trained our puppy to learn over 25 verbal and physical cues.  At a little over 1 year old, our dog also passed the prestigious AKC Canine Good Citizen test.  We would not have achieved so much in such a short time without Szashe's training."

"Szashe is an awesome trainer. Not only does she work with your dog, but works with the pet parent.  I quickly learned that I was the one needing training.  I signed up my dog for the AKC Canine Good Citizen training class.  Szashe covered all the basic commands and helped us pass our certification.  She will spend extra time with you and your dog to help you achieve your training goals.  My dog cries for joy when I even mention her name.  That’s how much my dog loves Szashe.  I am grateful to Szashe, because she helped us pass our Pet Therapy test with flying colors."

"My husband and I decided we wanted to send our year old Maltipoo for an intensive 2 week training session.  After speaking with numerous local trainers, the choice was clear for us.  Szashe would not only be a great trainer but we knew our dog would be well cared for and shown much love.  Our expectations were exceeded in so many ways.  Szashe helped us set realistic goals and provided us daily updates about his progress.  At the end of his training, Houdini had made noticeable improvements in all the areas we wanted to target.  My husband and I would recommend her wholeheartedly to all pet parents."

"Szashe Rowland has been the trainer for our Labrador Retriever, who is now my licensed Service Dog, for over two years. I have not seen one owner unsatisfied at how their dog was progressing into being an obedient and delightful member of their family.   Szashe is accomplished in all levels of training.  In my particular case as a person with disabilities, it was important that my dog's trainer could also understand me because of my needs of my dog. As I continue with my dog's training, it has enabled him to be the valuable Service Dog that he is."


"My husband and I met Szashe in 2011. We brought our new puppy, a Malti-poo to her training class when she was six months old. Szashe was so patient with us and all the other "parents" in class.  My dog was instantly taken with Szashe and even to this day gets very happy when we see her.  We were so happy with our experience that we took almost all the classes Szashe taught, some even twice! So, of course, when we got our dog's little sister, we did them all over again!  Both our girls learned vital life saving commands like come when called, leave-it, stay, etc." 

"Szashe stands out as different than other trainers. I have watched Szashe work with extremely shy dogs and dogs that are fairly aggressive.  I have watched her work with my dogs that are bred to be independent and think for themelves. She succeeds with them all. Over the years, Szashe has trained thousands of dogs and I don’t think there is a dog breed or dog personality that she has not seen firsthand.  I am pretty sure there is not a problem around that she has not worked through firsthand. My dogs (Pyrenean Mastiffs) adore Szashe, and Szashe adores them." 

"My wife and I met Szashe shortly after our Beagle came into our lives.  Our dog came to us stressed, nervous, and with separation anxiety.  We took 3 sets of sessions with Szashe, which were both fun and helpful. Our dog learned crucial lifesaving cues like come when called and leave-it.  Very important if you have a Beagle. We did not realize that the training was as much for us as our little girl.  The training we all took completed the bonding experience.  We have been so impressed with Szashe's professionalism and her ability to communicate with her students.  She cares so much for the dogs and pet parents in her life."

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