Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Treat2Train's philosophy is that dog training should be fun and rewarding for everyone involved.


* Basic Obedience

* Behavior Modification (socialization with dogs and people, aggression, separation anxiety, etc.)

* Potty Training and Crate Training

* Walking Manners and Heel

* Problem Solving (Biting, Barking, Jumping, Chewing, etc.)

* Therapy, Service, and AKC Canine Good Citizen Training

* Tricks (High Five, Roll Over, Salute, Play Dead, Sit Pretty, Put Your Toys Away, etc.)



In-Home Private Sessions

For convenience and the ideal educational context, Treat2Train offers private sessions at the pet parent's home. Training sessions can also be in a social setting, if the training focus is distractions, aggression, or socialization.

* 1 Hour Private Session

* 1 Hour Private Session x4 Package

* 1 Hour Private Session x8 Package

* Canine Good Citizen Training & Testing


please contact for private session pricing 

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Group Training

For socialization and distractions, Treat2Train currently offers group courses at the Pasadena Pet Food Express location. Please check back for upcoming dates.

* Puppy/Beginner Group Training (Basic Cues: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, and Walking Manners)

* Intermediate Group Training (Basic Cues with added distractions, and Advanced Walking Manners)

* Canine Good Citizen Group Training 

* Agility Group Training

* Advanced 1, 2, 3 Group Training

*  Scent Work Group Training

* Tricks Group Training

* Cardio Tricks Group Training


Puppy Playtime

For puppy socialization, Treat2Train currently offers a puppy playtime opportunity at the Crescenta Canada Pet Hospital.  Please check back for future dates.